Jeremy Tan

International Visiting Students


Jeremy Tan is a graduate student (MEng, Class of 2018) from Imperial College London with a background in Materials Science & Engineering. Jeremy developed a passion for renewable energy in his third year which encouraged him to take up a related project for his masters (fourth year). The project focused on fabricating 1T-WS2/2H-WSe2 heterostructures with different morphologies and compositions, to be used as a photocathode for photoelectrocatalytic hydrogen evolution. On the side, Jeremy also work with a community in Kenya, developing energy saving stoves to help overcome the excessive use of firewood for cooking, which is detrimental to the environment and hazardous to the community due to excessive firewood smoke. He is currently in KAUST as a visiting student, to further hone his scientific skills in photoelectrocatalytic hydrogen evolution and to explore future opportunities related to renewable energy. 

Research Interests

  • Solar energy​
  • ​​Nanomaterials