Compound Semiconductor News Article: Lasers: Accelerating Visible Light Communication

Lasers: Accelerating Visible Light Communication


"‚ÄčTHERE IS GREAT DEAL going for the use of light for wireless communication. Compared with the standard radio frequency bands employed by mobile devices, the bandwidth is unlicensed and more than a thousand times greater. However, despite these merits, it's not to say that it has to be one technology or the other. Far better is a future that sees light-based wireless communication merge with existing technologies operating in the radio and millimetre-wave regime to spawn a synergic scheme that drives a new era for connectivity."

Read the full article by Meiwei Kong, Jorge Holguin-Lerma, Tien Khee Ng, and Boon S. Ooi published in Compound Semconductor in the link below: