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IET Electronics Letters features "Rainbow Bridges" (InGaP/InAlGaP orange laser)


First demonstration of InGaP/InAlGaP-based 608 nm orange laser using a cost effective approach, with potential applications in lighting and VLC

"The first demonstration of an InGaP/InAlGaP-​ based orange laser emitting at 608 nm has been reported by the Photonics Laboratory. Using a cost effective approach, the work is aimed at filling a wavelength gap in the visible spectrum for commercial semiconductor lasers, enabling a wide range of uses including lighting and VLC."

"The approach they use has actually allowed them to tune the bandgap of an InGaP/InAlGaP structure from 640 nm in the red spectrum to 565 nm just inside the start of the green spectrum."

Original article: "First demonstration of InGaP/InAlGaP based orange laser emitting at 608 nm" [DOI: 10.1049/el.2015.1658​]