Laser Bandwidth Record

ACS C&EN,, IET E&T, Laser Focus World, OPN, Futurism, AlJazeera, EE Times, Lux Review, and others features "Bandwidth record for data communication using laser-based visible light"

"Cell phones and Wi-Fi devices typically transmit data using radio waves, but as the demand for wireless data transfer increases, congestion in the radio spectrum is expected to become more of a problem. One way to solve this problem is with visible light communication (VLC), a technology that uses visible light rather than radio waves for data transmission."

"In this bandwidth hungry era, there will be a continuous push by consumers for VLC systems with higher bitrates," Ooi said. "We believe that white light generated by semiconductor lasers will one day replace the LED white light bulb for energy-efficient lighting. To achieve this objective, we set our long-term goal to develop nanocrystals that can convert high-energy excitation photons from semiconductor lasers to Red-Yellow-Green-Blue (RYGB) lights at ultra-short photon lifetime. In the near-term objective, we plan to further improve the light conversion yield of our nanocrystals to produce near ideal white light, with a color rendering index close to 100, while being able to transmit data at bitrates of multi-gigabits per second."