Photonics lab sets a new record for broadband light emitters

Researchers from Photonics laboratory demonstrates a record bandwidth of 700 nm from novel III/V semiconductor based broadband light emitters

IEEE Quantum CoverMohammed Zahed Mustafa Khan, a recent PhD graduate from Photonics laboratory, lead by Prof. Boon S. Ooi, has demonstrated, for the first time, an emission bandwidth of 700 nm under the amplified spontaneous emission regime from a III/V semiconductor based​ superluminescent diode. The active region design is based on quantum-dash nano-structures that resembles a mix of quantum dots and quantum wires. Exploiting the inherent inhomogeneity of these nano-structures and with a novel active region device design, he and his co-workers were able to extend the emission coverage to the entire international telecommunication unit wavelength bands O-E-S-C-L-U. The work has been published in Optics Letters journal (