InGaN/GaN Quantum-disks-in-nanowires on Bulk-metal Substrates

KAUST Discovery - Taking the heat out of emitters


"Semiconductor light-emitting diodes fabricated on a metal substrate are less prone to overheating."

"Micrometer-scale light emitters that can be incorporated into electronic chips could enable faster computation and communication systems in compact devices. Researchers at KAUST have developed a simple technique for fabricating optically active semiconductors on a metal substrate, showing that the devices work at room temperature and do not overheat."

"The success of the modern electronics industry rests on the ability to fabricate thousands of electronic components on a single silicon chip. Optical devices could benefit in the same way from such an integrated-circuit approach, enabling a cheaper platform for optical communications or portable optical sensors. However, silicon is not the ideal material for optical applications, so an alternative material is required."