Paulraj Gnanasekar

International Visiting Students


​Paulraj Gnanasekar is a Visiting Student in Photonics Lab at KAUST. He is pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Bharathidasan University, India. His current research focuses on the electrochemical and photoelectrochemical renewable energy applications using 2D/1D heterostructures.

Research Interests

  • ​2D Materials
  • Nitrogen Reduction Reaction
  • Water Splitting
  • Chemical Vapour Deposition
  • Renewable Energy
  • Photoelectrochemisty

Selected Publications

  • ​G. Paulraj, P. Dharmaraj, V. Purushothaman, Jr-hau He and K. Jeganathan, Highly efficient and stable photoelectrochemical hydrogen evolution with 2D-NbS2/Si nanowire heterojunction, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 2019, 11, 47, 44179-44185.

  • G. Paulraj, P. Dharmaraj and K. Jeganathan, Vertically aligned MoS2 nanosheets on graphene for highly stable electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reactions, Nanoscale, 19, 2019, 2439-2446.

  • G. Paulraj, P. Sundhara Venkatesh, P. Dharmaraj, S. Gopalakrishnan and K. Jeganathan, Stable and highly efficient MoS2/Si NWs hybrid heterostructure for photoelectrochemical hydrogen evolution reaction, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2020, 45, 3, 1793-1801. 

  • P. Dharmaraj, G. Paulraj, V. Purushothaman, Jr-Hau He and K. Jeganathan, High performance, self-powered photodetectors based on graphene/silicon Schottky junction diode, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 6, 2018, 9545-9551.

  • G. Paulraj, P. Dharmaraj, N. Anbarasan, S. Sadhasivam, P. Manivel and K. Jeganathan, Promoter-free synthesis of monolayer MoS2 by chemical vapor deposition, CrystEnggComm, 20, 2018, 4249-4257.



  • ​2010-2015: M.Sc Physics, Bharathidasan University, India
  • 2017-Present: PhD in Physics, Bharathidasan University, India


  • ​M.Sc. University Rank Holder
  • DST INSPIRE- Fellowship Awarder
  • Three Best Presentation Awards

KAUST Affiliations

​Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering (CEMSE) | Electrical Engineering​