Ram Chandra Subedi

PhD Students


Ram Chandra Subedi (RC) has joined Photonics Lab at KAUST in the fall of 2016. He received his BSc and MSc in Physics from Tribhuvan University, Nepal in 2009 and 2011 respectively. In addition, he received his MS in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics University of Georgia, Athens (UGA in 2016. During his stay at UGA, he worked as a Teaching/Research Assistant. His research at UGA was primarily focused polymer/ small molecule based Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) and Organic Spin Valves (OSVs).  Also, he has been teaching high school/ undergraduate level Physics/Math courses for a decade now. Deep UV optoelectronic devices based on III-nitride is the main focus of his research.

Research Interests

  • Semiconductor/Solid State Physics
  • Deep UV optoelectronic devices utilizing ultra-thin quantum disks
  • Bio-inspired luminescent material, 2-D materials and photonic crystals

Selected Publications

Hanna, A. N.; Kutbee, A. T.; Subedi, R. C.; Ooi, B.; Hussain, M. M. Flexible Displays: Wavy Architecture Thin-Film Transistor for Ultrahigh Resolution Flexible Displays (Small 1/2018). Small 2018, 14 (1), 1870002. [link to full text]

Sun, H.; Priante, D.; Min, J.-W.; Subedi, R. C.; Shakfa, M. K.; Ren, Z.; Li, K.-H.; Lin, R.; Zhao, C.; Ng, T. K.; et al. Graded-Index Separate Confinement Heterostructure AlGaN Nanowires: Toward Ultraviolet Laser Diodes Implementation. ACS Photonics 2018, acsphotonics.8b00538. [link to full text]

Alias, M. S.; Tangi, M.; Holguin-Lerma, J. A.; Stegenburgs, E.; Alatawi, A. A.; Ashry, I.; Subedi, R. C.; Priante, D.; Shakfa, M. K.; Ng, T. K.; et al. Review of Nanophotonics Approaches Using Nanostructures and Nanofabrication for III-Nitrides Ultraviolet-Photonic Devices. J. Nanophotonics 2018, 12 (04), 1. [link to full text]

Zhao, C.; Alfaraj, N.; Chandra Subedi, R.; Liang, J. W.; Alatawi, A. A.; Alhamoud, A. A.; Ebaid, M.; Alias, M. S.; Ng, T. K.; Ooi, B. S. III-Nitride Nanowires on Unconventional Substrates: From Materials to Optoelectronic Device Applications. Prog. Quantum Electron. 2018. [link to full text]

Priante, D.; Janjua, B.; Prabaswara, A.; Subedi, R. C.; Elafandy, R. T.; Lopatin, S.; Anjum, D. H.; Zhao, C.; Ng, T. K.; Ooi, B. S. Ti/TaN Bilayer for Efficient Injection and Reliable AlGaN Nanowires LEDs. In Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics; OSA: Washington, D.C., 2018; p JTu2A.91. [link to full text]

Geng, R.; Subedi, R. C.; Luong, H. M.; Pham, M. T.; Huang, W.; Li, X.; Hong, K.; Shao, M.; Xiao, K.; Hornak, L. A.; et al. Effect of Charge Localization on the Effective Hyperfine Interaction in Organic Semiconducting Polymers. Phys. Rev. Lett. 2018, 120 (8). [link to full text]

Hanna, A. N.; Kutbee, A. T.; Subedi, R. C.; Ooi, B.; Hussain, M. M. Wavy Architecture Thin-Film Transistor for Ultrahigh Resolution Flexible Displays. Small 2018, 14 (1). [link to full text]

Subedi, R. C.; Geng, R.; Luong, H. M.; Huang, W.; Li, X.; Hornak, L. A.; Nguyen, T. D. Large Magnetoelectric Effect in Organic Ferroelectric Copolymer-Based Multiferroic Tunnel Junctions. Appl. Phys. Lett. 2017, 110 (5). [link to full text]

Priante, D.; Janjua, B.; Prabaswara, A.; Subedi, R. C.; Elafandy, R. T.; Lopatin, S.; Anjum, D. H.; Zhao, C.; Ng, T. K.; Ooi, B. S. Highly Uniform Ultraviolet-A Quantum-Confined AlGaN Nanowire LEDs on Metal/Silicon with a TaN Interlayer. Opt. Mater. Express 2017, 7 (12). [link to full text]

R. C. Subedi,  J. Devkota, R. Geng,  T. D. Nguyen. Organic Spin Valves: A Review. Adv. Funct. Mater. (March, 2016). [link to full text]

R. Geng, A. Roy, W. Zhao, R. C. Subedi, X. Li, J. Locklin, T. D. Nguyen. “Engineering of Spin Injection and Spin Transport in Organic Spin Valves Using π-conjugated Polymer Brushes”. Adv. Funct. Mater. (March, 2016). [link to full text]

S. Liang, R. Geng , Mr. B. Yang , W. Zhao, R. C. Subedi, X. Li , X. Han, T. D. Nguyen. Curvature-enhanced Spin-orbit Coupling and Spinterface Effect in Fullerene-based Spin Valves. Sci. Rep. 2016. [link to full text]

Liang, S.  H., Geng, R., Zhang, Q.  T., You, L., Subedi, R.  C., Wang, J., Nguyen, T. D.  (2015).  “Large Magnetoresistance  at  High  Bias  Voltage  in  Double-layer  Organic  Spin  Valves”.  Organic Electronics, 2015.[link to full text]

R. Geng, R.  C.  Subedi,  S. Liang,  and T. D. Nguyen  “Discernment of Possible Magnetic Field Effect Mechanism using Polymer Light –Emitting Electrochemical Cells” SPIN 2014  (June 2014). [link to full text]

ResearchGate Profile​


  • PhD (EE): 4.0, KAUST  (Expected Graduation: 2020), KSA
  • MSc (Physics): 4.0 in all Physics majors, University of Georgia Athens, USA
  • MSc (Physics): First division, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
  • BSc (Physics, Math, Stat.): First division, Tribhuvan University, Nepal 

Scientific and Professional Memberships

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  • The Optical Society (OSA) 
  • American Physical Society (APS)


  • 5/2018         Nominated for the 2018 Student Excellence Awards, KAUST
  • 6/2017 – Present Volleyball Team Captain for KAUST- Mantrap (Runner Up: 2017, 2018)
  • 8/2016 – Present KAUST Fellowship, KAUST
  • 5/2015                            Best Poster Presentation Award 2nd Place, MSSM Conference, UGA
  • 4/2015         Anderson- Pioletti Award , an excellent graduate student, UGA
  • 3/2015         Recognition, Chapter 32 of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, UGA
  • 8/2013 – 5/2016 Graduate Teaching/Research Assistantship, UGA

KAUST Affiliations

  • Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering (CEMSE) Division l Electrical Engineering