Photonics Laboratory at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology is investigating semiconductor lasers and photonic integrated circuits for wide applications optical communications, solid-state lighting and sensors. KAUST and Photonics Lab are well equipped with necessary facilities for semiconductor material growth such as molecular beam epitaxy (MBE), nano-fabrication, and photonic and optoelectronic materials and device characterizations.

Current Research

By seamlessly combining waveguide-modulator and laser diode emitting on semipolar-plane substrate, a small-footprint, high-speed, low power-consumption device having the SSL-VLC dual-functionalities was investigated. Our approach enables the platform for high data-rate SSL-VLC dual-function lamps for eventual realization of smart-lighting and internet-of-things.
Amplified spontaneous emission from SLD shows balanced emission power and peak FWHM (> 6 nm at 100 mW). Pumping a YAG:Ce phosphor, the SLD served as a white light engine.
1.1 GHz of modulation bandwidth in LD based VLC without a limitation from the slow 3.8 MHz phosphor response. A high data transmission rate of 2 Gbit/s was achieved without an optical blue filter using OOK modulation scheme.
The first experimental report of quantum well intermixing in InGaN/GaN quantum wells. Soft potential profile InGaN/GaN QWs by metal/dielectric induced intermixing. Unique area-selective, post-growth approach in engineering the quantum-confined potential-energy profile of InGaN/GaN quantum wells (QWs) utilizing metal/dielectric-coating induced intermixing process.
For the first time, the chemical exfoliation of completely TD-free, single-crystalline, ultrathin (tens of nanometers) GaN nanomembranes is demonstrated using UV-assisted electroless chemical etching. These Nano membranes can act as seeding layers for subsequent overgrowth of high-quality GaN.
I​nvestigation in quantum dot/dash nano-structures to enable the next generation of semiconductor broadband light emitting devices.
Research on a variety of gallium nitride based nanostructures for light generation in the broadband spectrum. ​