3SINC 2014 and KACST-KAUST-UCSB Workshop on Solid-state Lighting

The 3rd Saudi International Nanotechnology Conference 2014 (3SINC)

This conference will provide a unique international gathering of nanotechnology experts to exchange their ideas on nanotechnology and its applications in different areas. The SINC program will include invited speakers a workshop entitled “KACST-KAUST-UCSB Workshop on Solid-state Lighting”.

The KACST-KAUST-UCSB Solid State Lighting program (SSLP) was established in 2013 to serve as an intellectual and entrepreneurial hub based in the Kingdom for the development of high-tech, energy-saving technologies in SSL, and will collaborate with existing and new industry and institutions to transfer the newly developed technology.

Develop advanced photonics technologies for SSL. In doing so, we will contribute to sustainable economic growth through maximally utilizing human and energy resources.